What is Counselling and how does it work?

Counselling is a talking therapy that offers a way for you to explore thoughts and feelings that you may feel uncomfortable sharing with anyone else. I have found that talking to a trained counsellor can help people in different ways depending on what brings you to seek help. Sometimes relationships, traumatic events or painful memories can be difficult to cope with and feel like they are weighing you down. This can lead to you feeling low, anxious or stressed. It can be difficult to talk to friends or loved ones about how you feel and this can lead to feeling isolated, confused or alone. I believe counselling can help you to have a better self-understanding and you can begin to think more positively about yourself and your situation. This, in turn, can help you to find better ways of coping, release some of the stress or anxiety you may be feeling, develop better relationships with people around you, and develop more confidence.

How is Couples counselling different? 

My approach of working with you and your needs is the same as in individual counselling. Our focus will also be on open communication, recognising problems or areas of conflict, and learning ways to resolve these. I will also help you both learn how to enhance or rebuild your relationship, or make thoughtful decisions about going your separate ways.   


How do I start?

It can be quite difficult to decide to come for counselling, especially if it is something you haven’t done before. I believe that building a trusting relationship with each other is at the heart of the therapy I offer and it is important that we both feel that we can work together. For this reason, you are welcome to call, text or email me to arrange a free, no obligation half hour session, so we can discuss what is troubling you, and this will give us an opportunity to find out whether we feel comfortable talking together.

What happens at the first session?

I will tell you a little bit about me and the way I work, then I will listen to what has been troubling you. I will ask you a few questions about yourself, your background, and how your difficulties are affecting your health and wellbeing. If you decide to continue, I would then usually suggest meeting for a further 6 sessions. After this we would review how you are feeling about your difficulties. It may be that you’re happy to end there or you may feel that further counselling would be helpful.

How long will the sessions last?

Each session lasts for one hour. Counselling works best when you have regular weekly sessions.

How long will I have counselling?

This will depend on you and your needs. I offer short-term counselling, up to eight weeks, and longer term, open-ended counselling. We can discuss how many sessions you might need when we first meet and we can review this as we work together so that you are involved in deciding how many sessions you have and when it is the right time for your counselling to come to an end.

Is it confidential? 

Yes. Our sessions will be confidential according to the ethical guidelines of the BACP. I will discuss confidentiality with you at our first session or you can ask me about it when you contact me.

Do you have a cancellation policy? 

Yes. Please call or text me to give 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or to rearrange a session, otherwise, half the full fee will be charged.

When are you available?

Fylde Coast practice:  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – daytime and evening appointments available.